Business Consulting v2.0

If you’re still paying for consulting by the hour it’s time to upgrade to flat rate Business Consulting v2.0


The traditional business consulting model is undergoing a fundamental disruption

With no real differentiation among consultants who are still billing by the hour, businesses are wary of inflated bills that don’t guarantee results


Most business owners and executives want flat rate consulting services that deliver reliable results. That’s why we pioneered the Business Consulting 2.0 model. Every product we offer is a flat rate workshop with clearly defined deliverables and proven results.

We even went one step further and rolled our Business Development workshops into a repeatable 6 step cycle. By signing up for a membership you get tried and tested solutions, at the frequency you need, at a significantly reduced rate.

Top 10 differences between Business Consulting 1.0 and Business Consulting 2.0

Business Consulting 1.0

1. Projects defined by number of hours delivered

2. Project scopes defined by the consultant

3. Focus on billable hours (unknown variable costs)

4. Claim to be experts on everything

5. Limited entrepreneurial experience

6. High rate of unsatisfactory results

7. Focus on complex concepts

8. Limited focus on actionable steps

9. Utilizes floating timelines (ad-hoc)

10. Hungry for billable hours

Business Consulting 2.0

1. Projects defined by specific deliverable results

2. Project scopes defined by the client & consultant

3. All products flat rate (fixed costs)

4. Only claim to be experts in specific areas

5. Broad entrepreneurial experience

6. High rate of satisfactory results

7. Focus on simple, concise concepts

8. Clear focus on actionable steps

9. Utilizes hard timelines (defined cycle)

10. Hungry for knowledge