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1. We have a clear vision that captures our values, describes our purpose, and defines our ultimate business goal. We use our vision to make consistent decisions with integrity that get us one step closer to our long term objective.

2. We have a one-page chart that visually describes our business model from a 30,000’ view. It includes who our customers are, how we reach them, our value proposition, what infrastructure we have, how we generate revenue and what our major costs are.

3. We routinely research industry changes, competitor moves, changing customer needs and review internal pressures.

4. We review our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on a regular basis to ensure they’re “need to know” metrics that work towards achieving objectives and improvements. We develop and assign initiatives that drive our KPIs.

5. We have a one-page scorecard/dashboard that includes top KPIs for our: financial, customer, internal/process and learning growth perspectives. Our scorecard includes targets that are measured, and owned by specific individuals tied to their initiatives.

6. We assess our internal Strengths and Weaknesses, and external Opportunities and Threats on a regular basis so we can plan for success.

7. We have a one-page business action plan that details quarterly missions in pursuit of annual targets that build towards 2-5 year goals. All of our missions and targets are owned by specific individuals and groups who are responsible for producing results.

8. We have a marketing blueprint that describes our business model and goals to our marketing agency/department to ensure they create a plan that attracts attention, creates interest, generates desire and results in customers taking action.

9. We have a well-defined onboarding process and customer retention activities.

10. We assess and improve our Internet properties on a regular basis. (Website, social media accounts, Google local business listing, Yelp listing etc.)

11. We have a technology action plan that includes an annual budget and a 2-5 year roadmap.

12. We routinely survey our people to measure their satisfaction, motivation and loyalty indexes.

13. We survey our people on a regular basis to gauge how well they understand our action plan and processes.

14. We have an employee performance scorecard that is based on objective measurements (not subjective opinions like performance reviews).