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The World’s Strongest Business Consultant

Chris fixes the things that keep business owners & executives up at night

Chris believes in giving everything he has. He thrives on helping people reach their maximum potential.
Working with Chris is the best decision you didn’t know you should make. Until now. Business professionals refer to Chris as a strategic visionary and a problem solver. He has a knack for aligning innovative process improvements with the needs and goals of his clients.
Chris provides tech savvy guidance to businesses enabling them to consistently succeed. He loves sharing what he has learned to empower others.





Remarkable Results

Chris has worked with small, medium and large businesses in almost every industry over his 25+ year career.

He has also delivered services to Fortune 100 companies including; Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Avnet (formerly GE Access), MOCA (a division of Arrow Electronics), Nortel Networks and Avaya.



Personal Life

Chris lives in Central Florida and North Texas. He loves traveling, unique dining experiences, and exploring the great outdoors.

He especially enjoys “wind therapy” on his Harley. Chris has been a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast and has ridden across America from coast to coast.

He has also spent over three decades strength training in gyms across the continent. Chris has won multiple bench press championships as a member of the American Powerlifting Federation’s Team USA.

During his competitive career he set state, national and world bench press records in several age and weight classes.

Chris is “The World’s Strongest Business Consultant”.



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