Vehicle Dealers

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The Problem

Three businesses under one roof: used cars, automotive services, and auto body services. Disconnected CRM & invoicing systems resulted in a lack of insight for the owner.

The Solution

Custom real time dashboard developed – snapshot of all three businesses on one page showing key metrics.

The Bottom Line

Discovered: ~35% of cars sold included an extended warranty (avg. $1200), ~45% of vehicles serviced under the extended warranty, ~$100k net profit for the warranty company each month. Fourth company added offering extended warranties with discounted rates that undercut the competition.

Client Information

Company Name: Southern Used Auto

Company Location: San Antonio, TX

Company Size: 50 Employees

Notable Achievements

  • Added $200k to the bottom line in the first quarter
  • Added $1.5M to the bottom line in the third year
  • Expanding to offer warranty service to other dealers




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