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The Problem

Inefficient and expensive hardware and software that wasn’t stable, or user friendly. Significant operator time lost as a result of poor communication.

The Solution

Replaced truck mount PCs & portable RF units with iPads & Bluetooth scanners. Enabled iMessage & FaceTime real-time communication with warehouse operators. Damaged goods & inaccurate load paperwork documented using photo sharing.

The Bottom Line

Operator assignment time significantly reduced, hardware costs reduced by ~75%, reduced trips to the office (order assignment & conflict resolution), increased operator productivity, increased facility in/out capacity.

Client Information

Company Name: All-Can Pro Logistics

Company Location: Upstate NY & Eastern ON

Company Size: 100+ Employees

Notable Achievements

  • One-time hardware savings $40k per warehouse
  • On-going months productivity gain $5k per warehouse
  • Reduced trailer door time by 11% (calculated)

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